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Physio Thursdays

Physio Thursdays are now available at Bridge Referrals as Rebecca Heald extends our service portfolio. Rebecca is an ACPAT veterinary physiotherapist and chartered physiotherapist and will be visiting Bridge Referrals every Thursday.

Bridge Referrals’ veterinary physiotherapy service can benefit treatment in cats and dogs by helping to reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint mobility, and increase muscle strength and endurance. Techniques included will range from motion exercises, massage, and the use of heat or cold therapy and laser.

ACPAT Bridge Referrals

All these therapies can help to reduce stiffness and improve function in affected joints. Additionally, Bridge Referrals’ physiotherapy can help to improve overall quality of life and increase the effectiveness of other treatment methods, such as medication or surgery. There are benefits of veterinary physiotherapy in the treatment of neurological conditions by helping to improve muscle strength, coordination and balance.

If you are interest in booking an appointment with Rebecca please call or place a referral on our online Referral Platform