Our veterinary Cardiology Services offer advanced medical care to animals with heart and cardiovascular conditions. These services are offered by Karl Bovenizer, who has advanced training and expertise in diagnosing and treating heart diseases in animals.

What conditions would our cardiology department see:

  • Investigation of heart murmurs
  • Investigation of arrhythmias
  • Investigation of congenital cardiovascular disease
  • Investigation of episodic collapse and syncope

Our cardiology services include the following:

  1. Diagnosis: We use various diagnostic techniques to assess heart health in your pet. This includes physical examinations, medical history review, and non-invasive tests such as electrocardiography (ECG), advanced echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart), radiography (X-rays), and blood tests. We also have access to CT contrast angiography to investigate vascular disease.
  2. Treatment: Once a diagnosis is made, we will develop tailored treatment plans for your pet’s condition. This may involve medical management, dietary
    recommendations, lifestyle modifications, and in some cases, surgical interventions.
  3. Monitoring and follow-up: Animals with heart diseases require regular monitoring to assess the effectiveness of treatment and manage any changes in their condition. We will provide ongoing care, monitor medication dosages, and make adjustments as needed to ensure your pet remains healthy.
  4. We will often collaborate with other veterinary departments, such as internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and radiology, to provide comprehensive care for animals with complex conditions or those requiring additional expertise.

If you believe your pet may have a heart condition or requires advanced cardiac care, it’s recommended to consult with your primary care practice. They can then assess the situation and, if necessary, refer you to see us for further investigation and treatment.