Pet Owners

Referral clinicians at Bridge Referrals are here to provide the highest level of care for your pets that have been referred to us. 


We have an experienced and committed team of vets, nurses and support staff.  From the moment your pet is referred to us we will work to ensure your experience is as efficient and effective as possible, at what can be an extremely difficult time.  Above all, we will always act with compassion and the best interests of our patients in mind.

What is a referral?

In veterinary medicine a referral is made if a primary care clinician feels they may not have the expertise or facilities to appropriately treat a patient under their care.  In these instances, complex cases can be referred to a centre such as Bridge Referrals where advanced treatments are available.

How does it work?

Your primary care vet will contact Bridge Referrals on your behalf, providing us with you and your pet’s details.  Our administrative staff will then contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.  In the case of an emergency your vet will telephone us directly to arrange a same day appointment. 

At Bridge Referrals you can be confident that the clinicians you will see always have your pet’s best interest at heart.  We have decades of experience between us in referral practice, our aim is to work with your primary care vet to manage and continue your pet’s care.

Visit our “About Us” page to learn more about our values and the team.

What are the payment options?

Insured Clients:

For all insured pets we will require an up to date copy of your policy documentation with certificate of policy showing policy limit, excess, start date and any exclusions on the policy along with proof of address prior to treatment.  If this is not possible then treatment can still be carried out, however this will be on the basis of an uninsured patient. 

For indirect claims where payment is made to you then we require:

  • Full payment of your invoice prior to processing of the claim.
  • An appropriately completed claim form signed by the policy holder.

We will process the claim and provide the insurance company with any history/test results which are required. 

For direct claims where payment is made directly to the practice we require:

  • Payment of an administration fee (£35) per condition to be claimed.
  • An appropriately completed claim form signed and dated by the policy holder.
  • Direct claims can only be made for claims over £500

We will promptly process the claim and provide the insurance company with any history/test results which are required. 

If your claim is declined in full or in part then you will be responsible for payment of the balance within 30 days.  Any disputes with the insurer are your responsibility and whilst we will endeavour to assist as much as we can the ultimate responsibility for settling the bill lies with you.

Uninsured Clients:

For all uninsured pets we ask for a deposit prior to treatment for 50% of the estimated costs.  These are estimates by their nature and in some instances a range will be provided, in this case the deposit will be 50% of the upper estimate.  The remainder of the balance should be settled at the time of discharge/completion of treatment. 

Credit Option:

We use CareFreeCredit to offer a credit facility to clients.  This external company will carry out a credit check based on an estimate provided by us.  Applications can be made prior to routine procedures and depending on timing can also be used in emergency situations.

If for any reason the application cannot be processed prior to treatment – e.g. out of hours patients – then a deposit of 50% of estimated initial care is required.  If credit is declined for any reason then you will be liable to pay the full amount.

How to find Bridge Referrals?

Bridge Referrals
3 Brooklands Way
Boldon Business Park
Boldon Colliery
NE35 9LZ