Orthopaedic Surgery

Our highly experienced orthopaedic team can treat a wide variety of orthopaedic problems in both dogs and cats. You will have a consultation with one of the surgical team to discuss your pet’s needs and treatment options. We will always ensure that you are a part of the decision making process and have an understanding of the treatment plan.

A thorough examination will be carried out during an initial consultation to establish a diagnostic plan; we use digital radiography, arthroscopy, CT and MRI for orthopaedic investigation. Investigation may also involve arthrocentesis or biopsy, in some instances where appropriate samples can be examined in the hospital and are otherwise sent for external interpretation. After any required investigation your clinician will discuss the available treatment options with you. In most instances we are able to carry out surgical treatment at the time of diagnostics though in some instances surgery will be arranged for a later date.

Surgery is performed in our dedicated orthopaedic theatres. The Bridge Referral orthopaedic team investigates and treats an extensive range of surgical conditions, these include:

Joint disease

  • Arthroscopy (elbow, shoulder, carpus, tarsus) and arthrotomies.
  • Arthrodesis (joint fusion).
  • Hip dysplasia (juvenile symphysiodesis)
  • Cruciate ligament surgery: TPLO, extracapsular stabilisation, cranial closing wedge ostectomy.
  • Meniscal surgery
  • Luxations/sprains/shear injuries.
  • Patella luxation stabilisation
  • Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease/Osteoarthritis – polyacrylamide injection
  • Treatment of septic arthritis
  • Investigation and treatment of immune mediated polyarthritis

Fracture management

  • Simple and complex fractures and joint dislocation
  • External skeletal fixation
  • Internal plate fixation with locking and non-locking systems
  • Complicated healing: malunion/nonunions/corrective osteotomies.
  • Limb deformities (angular and rotational)