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Bridge Referrals continuously evaluates all of its future business operations as we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. One less glamourous aspect of business in veterinary practice is the provision of IT. Throughout the industry there’s a myriad of server rooms pushing IT systems to their end users. Each server, each device needing energy and cooling. The combined effect is a significant power usage. At Bridge Referrals our aim is to reduce this and the cost to our planet.

Bridge Referrals has decided upon Green IT and is committing to this. As such we are reducing our IT server infrastructure to a minimal level. To achieve this we looked at each layer of IT and analysed how we could consolidate hardware by deploying cloud based infrastructure.

Bridge Referrals’ main business system will be based on Google’s G Suite. With Google’s promise of 24/7 carbon free energy consumption at their datacentres we have Bridge Referrals emails and business systems running carbon free!

We are also deploying hosted telephony reducing our carbon footprint even further. To do this we have engaged with local companies to provide this. Local companies are also providing the essential broadband backbone for all our hosted systems.

A major consideration that we have decided on is our clinical system. This will be provided by Idexx’s hosted Animana System. This complex decision was made easier by the reduction in our carbon output with no clinical servers on site. It was also facilitated by Idexx’s 360 service programme. The Idexx 360 programme has allowed Bridge Referrals to eliminate capital expenditure not only on the Animana Clinical System but also on our internal laboratory equipment.

Bridge Referrals

Luke, Jonathan (Idexx), Alison and Darren

Signing of the Idexx 360 programme


Bridge Referrals will be a busy, well run veterinary referral hospital. Providing excellence in animal care across the whole of the North East of England. Idexx recognise this and provide the 360 programme with confidence.