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Well, if the builders are moving in on the Monday, then the obvious answer is you have a roller disco with all the kids on the Sunday!!! All five of us had worked incredibly hard to secure the building which is to be the home of ‘Bridge Referrals’ and we wanted to celebrate with our families. We took anything and everything with wheels, including skateboards, roller blades, bicycles and remote-controlled cars. We even took two drones to fly and of course it wouldn’t have been complete without disco lights and a glitter ball. A fun time was had by all, an exciting start to our journey of building Bridge Referrals.

The kids helped us put up some bird boxes and insect houses in the area of woodland next to our building. As a business we want to improve our surroundings to attract wildlife and insects, setting aside small areas of land to support local ecosystems can help improve biodiversity in urban areas. Once the builders have finished, we plan to set aside an area of land to plant meadow and wildflower seed to attract pollinators.