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Sarah Harrison, one of the directors at Bridge Referrals, has officially been recognised for her carbon literacy by Vet sustain and the Carbon Literacy Trust.


Sarah has been instrumental in developing the understanding of the carbon footprint of our business. Leading the way in the actions that we are taking to reduce it. Sarah has held internal presentations and discussions. Even creating an active “Green Group”. 

By Bridge Referrals becoming more carbon literate we have identified areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint, such as reducing energy consumption or switching to renewable energy sources. This is resulting in cost savings for our business over the long term.

At Bridge Referrals we are aware of our referring practices and their clients becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues. We are committed to demonstrating a reduction to our carbon footprint via initiatives and policies.

Carbon literacy will allow us to be better equipped to reduce carbon emissions. We are engaging with our staff and partners in implementing carbon literacy practices. Hopefully providing employees with a sense of purpose and engagement, as they contribute to reducing the company’s environmental impact.

Becoming carbon literate has encouraged Bridge Referrals to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Bridge Referrals

Thanks Sarah and well done.