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Our pets are important and all of us at Bridge Referrals would agree they are valued members of our families.  They bring such enrichment to our lives, with the benefits to our wellbeing and mental health well known.


Between us all we have five dogs and four cats.  Have a look at some of the photos of our furry family members.

Bridge Referrals

Did you know that our pets have a carbon footprint just like us? More like a carbon pawprint!


There are some ways we can try to reduce this, like

  • recycling pet plastic food pouches/bags (some supermarkets will take these, or ask your vets if they have a collection point) 
  • even better, avoid plastic pouches where possible
  • buying pet food made in the UK 
  • using poo bags made from biodegradable ingredients such as corn, vegetable oils and plant starches
  • using eco-friendly/biodegradable cat litter
  • choosing pet accessories made from renewable or recycled resources

There are some unavoidable carbon emissions associated with our furry friends and the directors at Bridge Referrals have chosen to offset their pets’ collective carbon pawprint.  Offsetting is a way to compensate for our emissions by funding an equivalent amount of CO2 reduction elsewhere.  We have chosen to invest in two projects, a renewable energy project in India and a conservation project in the Amazon.

Have a look at our certificates for the projects we have invested in.

Bridge referrals

Bridge Referrals

Bridge ReferralsIf you would like more details on how we did it, please click on the link: Offset your pet