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Clinical peripatetic work in many of our local practices


As well as working tirelessly to set up Bridge Referrals our vets are currently doing clinical peripatetic work in many of the local practices too. Emma and Jack are busy doing orthopaedic and soft tissue peripatetic work, they have all of their own kit so you do not need to worry about supplying any and all of the power tools are battery operated. 

Jack Sillito

Darren is also doing peripatetic work and is providing practices with detailed abdominal ultrasound scans as well as internal medicine and oncology work ups, he has his own portable scanner which he brings to each visit. 

Darren Long

Darren Long

Sarah who is our ophthalmologist is currently based at WestWay vets and is accepting ophthalmology referrals so if you need help with your eye cases or you would like to refer a case then please contact her via email: [email protected] 

Sarah Harrison

If your practice is interested in the peripatetic work that we are currently offering or if you would like to arrange a site visit to meet us in person and talk more about Bridge Referrals then send us an email to [email protected]  where we will be more than happy to help.

See you all soon!